Sunday, September 12, 2010

You know I might have to put a hold on the Diner Blog. I recommended the diner from last blog to my 18 year old. Her comment that it was "interesting" with air quotes surprised me. "The bathroom was clean though," she is quick to add. She sounds a little like me....She was never sure if they would get their coffee and started asking all about how FoodSafe let them stay open. I don't tell her it the Health Inspector that comes 'round....and then only sporadically to ensure there is no vermin or moldy food.

Perhaps my standards have altered over the past decades. Perhaps my kids don't realize that I have picked things up from the floor to throw in their omelette too. Perhaps it is my part of the adventure that everything does not have to be "just so" in order to make it "just right". I have seen too many wicked people dressed and primped nicely not to see the analogy in a restaurant.

So, I may reconsider the Diner Blog lest there is a debacle over my criteria. I can still recommend some amazing rides and views from behind along that road less traveled.

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