Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We have a fundamental difference on a few areas. One thing that we particularly disagree on is association. If a sign or symbol has been linked to something...in my books it is taboo unless I have the same views or stance. This could be politically, socially, or symbolically. Not so with the man. He often cites the original intent of the symbol or icon and takes it on. Now, I must point out that this is completely random with him. If he sees someone wearing puka shells...they are a throw-back. In Hawaii, the wearing of puka shells was traditionally thought to ensure a peaceful and safe voyage, especially for sailors on a long journey, so puka shell necklaces were especially worn by those who had to travel at sea. Not always a throw back.

Tye-dye wearers are branded a hippy, although it was an art form that came out of batik and was only adopted by the hippy culture in the twentieth century. I noticed this last night when our son wore a floppy toque up for our opinion. An immediate pronouncement came from the man. Floppy toques are really just a style....and I have seen homeless men where them. Perhaps that was what is being conveyed? Alas, symbols for us all represent something. Some can be changed, some can be embedded so deep that we don't even realize it is a prejudice.

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