Sunday, September 5, 2010

Insurance blues...

Today is the last day I can ride....unless I reinsure the bike. Blast! It comes up so fast. There were so many more things I wanted to get my full license this year. Alas, I must park the bike later today.

We did have a nice ride. Rode to 12th in New Westminster to find a diner for breakfast. It was a great little hole in the wall called Mon Mom's Cafe. Breakfast of sausage, eggs, potato and toast was $3.45. You can't beat that many places. Lest you think I chucked my veggie ways...remember that I had Norm in tow who was only too pleased to have a double portion of meat. He has decided we need another blog. This one about diners. We really have explored a lot. My criteria for rating is the breakfast, the coffee, the price and most important to me....the bathroom. A clean bathroom is essential to my experience. When it is uber clean...all the better. Mon Mom's passed with flying colours. The toilet bowl was sparkling white and there was hand cream, tissue and soap all pleasantly displayed. When I told the server I gave it a big thumbs up, I know he was pleased. He watched as we prepared the bikes to leave and waved as we rolled out. He might have guessed we were critiquing the place. Norm had out his camera to take pictures of the place and the memorial embedded in the sidewalk to the diners of New West.

Now on the ride to breakfast, I had a few incidences. Stopping at a red light I locked my wheels and the back wheel went right while I stayed straight. The driver of a semi stopped at the light smiled and nodded at me. Not sure what he was communicating, except that he noticed I kept it all under control and my heart did not even skip a beat. Then, turn left and I stalled at the top of the hill. Honestly, I did not pop the clutch or do anything. It just stalled. I had to push with all my might (New West is all hills) over to the side and try to start. I had two New Westminster Police watching me. Norm turned around to join me...after a few more tries it finally kicked over. "Did I have enough gas? Did I have it in neutral?" were such obvious and annoying questions. Of course I know all that. "The choke is off, check. The gas is on, check. I am in first, the clutch is in, check, check." Mysteriously it starts as quickly as it stopped and we are off to find food.

Leaving New West we meander to the Patulla Bridge and down Scott Road to River Road. Being the last day of a ride we keep going along River Road as it winds the Fraser River and turn off toward the dump and the "cow tunnel" that leads under Hwy. 99. It is a great day to ride. Cloudy but no threat of rain. We reach the tunnel and continue to explore Delta and Boundary Bay Airport area. There is a full parking lot at the Airport so we stop to see what is up. Turns out there is a cafe there that must have good food as it is all abuzz. It is a beautiful new building with comfy couches. We take off again, through more farmland, out to Hwy 10 and headed home.

Riding is now natural to me. I don't have to think, I just enjoy the scenery, the roads and the twists. I get bored on the straight roads. How do people ride highways for long stretches? The only excitement would be like playing a video game....passing....excelerate,...change lanes...pass again. At least with turns and twists your brain is engaged. You have no idea what is coming next.

I am trying to get some chores done now so I can squeeze out one more ride. It is hard to find something new when we have explored our area extensively. Instead of new I will take anything. I really just want to ride.......

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