Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stay Tuned

The maps are unfolded and Destination HIghways is open.....this means he is planning again....looking for the road with the most twists and turns, without traffic or potholes.....At this point the plan is to head to Port Angeles via Port Townsend ferry, Sequim and dozens of dots on the map. The motels will be from the 50's with double beds with floral spreads and towels that were old ten years ago. We don't go for the accommodations. He actually found a campsite that you just roll up to and it is laid out for you....tent, air mattress and all...oh the choices, the choices.

Bear in mind that after careful scrutiny the route may change. Another backroad....a cool little town.....a groundhog museum perhaps would send him back to unfold the map and peer over his glasses with a serious look. I do get consulted. I never put on my glasses, so I must confess that I often just nod at the unseen lines he traces with his finger. His enthusiasm sways me. How could I not want to meander anywhere when i see how much delight it brings him?

So stay tuned for my ramblings and ruminations from behind.

PS I must 'fess up that when my friend mentioned he was going to ride to the Salt Flats in Utah, I was bombarding him with more advice on roads than he was prepared for. After giving him the route east then south through one of my favourite paths of tarmac from Rossland to Kettle Creek...I then started over and began to give him all the ways to go south through Washington and then east. I rattled off more small towns and old highways until he said he planned on taking his GPS and would be fine without a trip planner. (sigh) He is rubbing off on me......

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