Thursday, August 12, 2010

I check his blog daily now. Never thought random things would interest me as much as they do. Often posts make me laugh or remind me not to take things too seriously. He sees things differently than I do. "Why don't you want a motorcycle in the garden? It is a lot better than a garden gnome or butterfly," is his reasoning with me. I shake my head. We live in suburbia surrounded by suburbanites. They already don't understand the parade of motorcycles that come from the garage. They shake their head at our choice of music to swim to....or even the fact that when he is in the pool - everyone knows it. It is not just the displacement of water that they hear.....but the frequent "Cannonball" yelled in his lowest baritone, followed by the screams of his teenage daughters and the moan of his son.

Of course he has a following that will agree with him. He tells me I am not as cool as people thought I was. Hmmm....and then, on the weekend we pass a rusted out Suzuki at a mailbox. I knew he would stop. He did. It is on his blog now....and of course followers quickly sent their pics of their cycle gardens.

Perhaps when I am as old as he is, and in the garden gnome phase of life, I will succumb to the pressure and decide I need to be cool. Of course by that time the neighbours will have us pegged as eccentric, which will mean we can pretty much do anything without their reproach. Until that day, I would like to stick to pots and vases with plants and flowers....completely uncool.

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