Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Woman vs. Machine

Let me just tell you now - I knew something was off when I was riding. I couldn't quite identify what the trouble was - but the bike felt a little different. Almost like a carb problem - however, I recently discovered carbs get blamed for a lot of other things. It makes you look like you know what you are doing. I don't. When the bike was put in its place he asked if I noticed the chain was loose. "Well, yes" I say..."I knew something was not right," smiling at myself. Now, how exactly do I identify this loose chain when I am riding - except to say it was like it missed a beat ever so slightly. I need to learn the hums, tics, beats, ebb and flow of this machine.

There is much to learn with an old bike. I know what breaking a throttle cable feels like. I have had to switch to reserve when I ran out of gas and I know what leaving the choke on does. I can now add that a loose chain feels like your pants are riding a little lower than you want them to. They won't fall off, but they are a little uncomfortable. I now have a speedometer that works - in MPH....thank goodness I learned them both - and I have a horn, which my riding instructor told me never to leave the driveway without. I did, and much to my chagrin I remembered this when the tow truck almost wiped me out. Woman versus machine. I think I might win this one if I pay really close attention.

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