Monday, July 12, 2010

Ken returned from some of my favorite rides this weekend. Among them Stump Lake to Kamloops on the 5A, the road from Penticton that winds through and up to Apex mountain, or down to the #3 Hwy, and then onto Old Hedley Hwy. The "Tour Master" didn't disappoint as he led them through some of the most scenic, peaceful and winding roads in that area. Riding the back roads you see the most spectacular things. Lakes that mirror surrounding hills, jagged rocks with unexpected flowers growing through the cracks and crevices, the great big huge sky that is daunting and magnificent, yet appears as though you are part of it at the same time. There is so much to drink in, images of streams, creeks, waterfalls and then abandoned cars, tractors, garbage and fast food signs, as a reminder that there is "civilization" close at hand. Crap.

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