Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tonight it is me that is worried about him. He and the Pan are stranded down the road.. My bike is parked as best I could before the call that it is fuel he needs. I consider the delivery carefully before I take off, on foot, down the road to deliver the much needed elixir. Before the impending doom, I enjoyed the "status quo" of bucolic settings amidst crotch rockets and posers. Lest you are my followers, and confess your ego, then suffice it to say you enjoy the laud of the character and flash of the camera to confirm your worth....and if that has no appeal then you completely and utterly understand where I am coming from my friend. Not that anyone is immune to that sense of recognition, but, that it is the realization that recognition is not in and of itself a goal but a by-product of what is going on around us. But, I must take my leave now for the intellectual stimulation of Housewives of Orange Country....ttfn..

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  1. I was going up hill and all the gas swooshed to the back of the tank... guess those 'big' tanks aren't that big!