Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Sun Came Out....

...and we went for a ride. We started with breakfast in Langley at a little hole-in-the-wall and from there we headed to Fort Langley, and along River Rd. It was beautiful, serene, pastoral and quiet!! Only one car impeded us for a moment or two. That is riding! There are a few twists, but not enough to get too excited about. River Road ends at a great little fishing spot or make out place. Riding home Langley was starting to get busy. Saturday traffic is no place to ride. I also had to reef on the brakes at one point, as the intersection was full of left turners, and I wouldn't have made it. I got the feel of the bike quickly and although I went over the white lines, I was able to stop a lot quicker than I would have anticipated. It didn't rattle me either. I felt in control.

Of course all day long I have been pining to get out again. Ken insured the Panhead and so we will be out in a few hours, enjoying the wind again. I am loving riding. It is so great to poke around my neighbourhood and my city, seeing sites for the first time. The freedom in the wind and the road breathe life into me.

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