Friday, June 11, 2010

Sometimes only a ride will do...

...and so we headed out with the rebel tonight to show him our haunts. We first took him to our farmland meandering around the dike area in Delta. I really love riding beside the highway on a country road. You have the speed without the traffic. Then later we head to the Tim Horton's in Langley as Friday night it is a hangout for cars.....old, restored, pristine, modified, poser, overdone, vintage, name it, you will find it in the parking lot and spilling into the the motor vehicle branch. We walk the strip, enjoy some of the sights and head for home. Norman was having a little trouble with the Panhead. A few stalls and adjustments and we are off again. We find the road less traveled to get home, along Colebrook Road with a chicane like turn and a few twists. I am riding behind now, watching the rebel and the Pan head up the hill and around the twists.

For the rebel, the world changed today with the loss of his grandpa. Getting on the road, reminding us that life is fragile, vulnerable, scary, fun, busy, and serene all within thirty minutes, is sometimes all that will do. It is the vehicle that transports us to the sublime amidst the mundane......ride on.

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