Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Part of me knows the excitement of a ride to Cloverdale will soon wear off. I discern it will, and yet like my dog excited to see his leash jingle I am ready and up the driveway before Ken has started his bike. I need to relish the pleasure such a mundane and ordinary journey bestows on me while I can. We made our way to Cafe Pellorino tonight for our favourite barista (our 3rd born) to prepare us a beverage. She didn't disappoint whipping up a mango strawberry smoothy that would have worked as dinner and dessert. I am content with riding in the city - though I would probably complain if we were talking.

I also know that time in the seat will bolster any wariness or hesitation that I have. I was reminded to continually check my blindspots when a car was suddenly beside me. This is a good reminder. Check and double check. The movements, the shifts seem fluid now, mostly. I feel aware of my surroundings but not fearful. Riding a 250 helps me experience the road - I mean every bump in the road, every manhole cover, pebble. I am learning to avoid the hazards, watch for Ken beside me in P3 or P1 and watch a stale green long enough to have my cut off point. I love and hate round-abouts at the same time. I was taught to signal in and out of them, but find that others would be confused. I won't say I just point and pray, but I certainly make sure they see where I am going.

I think on Thursday we will ride to Langley again......and I am already looking forward to it......

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