Sunday, June 6, 2010

Panhead on the Road

An hour before dusk rivals against an hour after sunrise, for riding. Nearing dusk is when we headed down to the farmlands and around some country roads close to home, yet far away. He looked marvelous and learning to shift with his left hand was easy. The bike barely needs to has power. I am in 5th while he is still working to 3rd. It is ideal to be riding behind right now. I see the Panhead gliding smoothly, the rider and bike become one. The evidence that he is in the groove ensues when he puts his left hand on his hip. I can't see his face but I know that he is smiling....and not the smug kind of "I know I am cool" smile, but the "I love this bike and am so satisfied" smile. We twist, turn and even ride through a cattle tunnel that goes under Highway 99 and out by the dump. I am content with going at my own pace as he pulls further away. He is learning the power and the cadence of the motor. I am enjoying the sun on our back and the view from behind him.

When we are again among the houses and stop lights, the din of lawnmowers and sirens, I long to go back and start from the beginning. I want to keep living in that moment of pure joy and satisfaction at something so simple. Reluctantly, I park the bike until the next ride. I have rarely had those moments when I felt like I was called in to go to bed just when the games in the neighbourhood were getting finally established all the rules and the teams are set and then mom calls you once. That has happened to me recently....but only when I have been riding. I, I know, I have the bug and the tug for the open-road and the wind.

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