Saturday, June 26, 2010

It has been difficult for me to write since Tuesday. Everything was going great. I felt confident, even after narrowly missing be wiped out by a tow truck. When I heard the ICBC tester tell me the speed was 30 km my heart sank. I knew it was automatic failure. How I missed the sign was apparent....I was merging onto Fraser Highway and there were cars blocking my view. I felt sure that on a "highway" a construction zone would be at least 50 km...but alas, when I heard her voice I groaned. To complicate matters, my motorcycle novice license expired the next day....and cannot be renewed. I had to re-take the Learners test..and now I have to re-take the Motorcycle Skills Test before I am able to ride without my chaperone and over 60 km, or at night. I got back on the bike, and out....I do still feel confident and that I am good rider. The errors that were pointed out were minor. Automatic failure though with speed zones that are school, playground or construction. (sigh) (sigh) It feels like I have been learning forever. I got my Learners on a whim as I drove by Motor Vehicles one day. I didn't take lessons until August and then I was hooked. By the time I was ready for the test, I was knee deep in medical issues and my insurance ran out. When I got the 250 in May, then I really wanted to ride...and so....back I will go for the Skills test next...and you will see me riding solo soon...

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