Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I haven't ridden in a few days. I am okay with that as there is so much going on. Ken came home last night telling me of a "new" road he found that climbs and twists through rural Langley. We have done that road before, I remind him. For me the foliage and the tarmac are in my minds' eye. It was nearing dusk, with just enough light to see pebbles strewn across corners. Gravel driveways warned us that we were not alone, though the quiet was only broken by the hum of the motor. We had to turn around at a few dead ends, but even that afforded us the luxury of peeking into the acreage's that mostly go unnoticed. As light faded we found our way to the main street, leaving behind the tranquility and twists for the cacophony and intersections. I love that in the midst of chaos you can find an oasis where you can still hear the creek water running or a horse's neigh - though once again - you must look for that road as it is off the beaten path.

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