Sunday, June 13, 2010

Driving through the farmlands just before dusk, I formulated a theory that if we all rode, only rode, we would be much happier people. Allow me to justify this speculation.

The gathering of necessities would be just that. Space being limited would oblige prudence and planning. No worry of extra cookies or pop being thrown in with the veggies and fruit. From this, I could deduce that we would be much healthier, therefore happier. And, it would not just be food that we would have to consider. Any shopping would be limited to what we could strap with a bungy cord, or fit in a backpack. No flat-screen TV would even be given a second consideration. I also deduce we would have less financial woes, leading again, to greater happiness. Because there is no lure of shopping, we would not have the lust for things that seems to consume many of us. I confess I have bought things I had no idea I needed.....and then never used....because in fact, I never needed it in the first place. My house would be much less cluttered and therefore need a lot less cleaning....again contributing to my greater joy.

These thoughts also brought to mind the simplicity of life for the Plains aboriginal. They knew all about carrying their life on their backs. They moved often, following the herd of buffalo. Their lives could be packed in a moment, and reassembled elsewhere. They learned how to live from the land, using only what they needed. Their loge was the people and not a place. This sounds ideal to me, as the clutter of our lives can choke out the people and relationships. If we had to move using a bike, we would be forced to consider the use of everything. We would share more things cooperatively, contributing to the community and common good of all. Happiness would abound....

I don't even have to give you the argument for the environment - it is clearly apparent. Being earthy friendly makes most people happier, therefore I would be happier.

So, if we all just rode bikes, we would be utterly sublime.

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