Monday, June 14, 2010

Being new to this mechanical machine means that I am not always sure what the problem might be. We took off last night for a local ride....Norman is still tweaking the Pan. He left and I pulled out with full throttle and no power. I checked the fuel - it was on.....and I went through the checklist in my mind. What could it felt like I had no throttle at all, but I was stalling....and it still had a little give. After a few minutes, when I am not behind him, he doubles back. I feel heavy hearted as I head for the driveway. Even when he tried, it is the same result. He checked the fuel, he wiggled the plugs.....and then - just before he hands it back to me, he notices the choke is on still. least we are up and out of here now. Ready for the bucolic journey winding through the farmlands to serenity....

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