Friday, May 14, 2010

Lest I bore you with inconsequential stories of my trips to the store on my bike, I think it suffice to say that we are getting to know each other. We are learning how to read each other, and gaining the confidence I need to conquer fears. Many are reasonable being scared to turn right uphill, lest I have to stop and somehow dump the bike. Some are unfounded worries, that I will suddenly forget what I am doing in the midst of an intersection.

I have been through this process enough to know that everything takes time and practice. I have taken the bike up the driveway and it was so easy I wondered why I had ever thought it impossible. I don't even think when I take it down the driveway now. By the end of the riding season I am sure that I will regret when the leaves turn and the roads are slick. And so, for now I will content myself with getting familiar with the bike and the road, enjoying the wind and the wind and the occasional nod from a fellow biker.

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