Saturday, May 1, 2010

I feel like Ebeneezer when he realizes how much fun it is to give... that is the delight and excitement I had to give Danielle and Mike there wedding present. I was thinking of this earlier and realize that it is so much better to be the giver. Now these dear kids are deserving. Danielle has been there for our family through everything. She has walked through the highs and lows, the health issues, the missing Kimee issues....the missing Jared issues. Danielle has been our constant, and now Mike beside her.

Ken and Jared madly scrambled to paint the tank and side covers. They were quick to remove the old handlebars and make the Yamaha 400 Special cooler. Funny, that didn't happen when I owned the bike, but nonetheless, when it was presented, it looked great. Oh, it has issues I am sure. Mike is taking his motorcycle mechanics course now, so it is perfect. He can tweak it and get it perfected....and yes - they can sell it....if they have a new bike to replace it with. I am all about moving on and up.

So, another biker will be on the road so please remember to watch out for us.

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