Monday, May 24, 2010

Again, I am dazzled at the beauty as the landscape rolls out before me on a trip. I have another ethereal moment as we had just left Nicola Lake on Hwy 5A to Kamloops. The road rolled and wound before us with no cars in sight. Although the sky was darkening, it felt transcendent. Transcendent in that I felt as though being allowed to view a painting before the exhibit opened. The bike seemed to glide around Stump Lake....I know we were going close to 140K....I can feel the rhythm of the bike blending with the topography. And, I am dazzled, stupefied, and then amazed that this has moved me so much. The sky seemed so close and yet so magnificent. I am emoting and writing everything in my head to remember later. I need to remind myself how very big this world is....and how unassuming things can still take my breath away. I am glad that I can still be wooed by creation itself. To see the simplicity of the rolling hills juxtapose with the complexity of all that goes into making up this scene.

I am not a skilled physical artist. I cannot recreate the pictures that are locked in my head as we round a corner to a lake that is reflecting the hills behind it. I cannot sort through the hundreds of colours of sage and green in the picture. The cattle that is gently drinking on the other side of the lake could not be drawn, and yet I hope will remain within my memory forever.

The dark clouds eventually broke into rain, and although we were wet and cold, I would not have wanted to miss that moment. I like the idea that there are things yet to be experienced and enjoyed.

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