Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Tribute to Cailey

A willingness to suck it up....brave the wind...be uncomfortable for the sake of the moment is true bravado. How easy it can be to complain, or whine, or just miss doing something you will look back and ask "what was I thinking!?" But, it also occurs to me that when the road isn't as bumpy, or the doubling peg gets installed, suddenly, what we had no idea we would appreciate, becomes very tangible.

And so, I laud Cailey and Banjo for the cruise between Kamloops and Cache Creek...and then on to the Duffy Lake. People I admire are those I can see their character.

PS Banjo is the one in the bag!

Monday, May 24, 2010

The weekend was amazing...some great rides...some great experiences. I envisioned that I would be blogging about an unfortunate incident at the motel we were staying at. I had the words ripe with emotion and vindication. Halfway through the weekend, the ire was replaced with peace. From within I felt, although completely justified to expose the injustice and unfairness of the situation, that I did not need to tell the entire world what happened. If someone was unjust, the universe will deal with them. And so, though I could give you some nasty little gossip, I choose to let karma and the golden rule work this out and my blog will concentrate on all the great things there are to celebrate.
Again, I am dazzled at the beauty as the landscape rolls out before me on a trip. I have another ethereal moment as we had just left Nicola Lake on Hwy 5A to Kamloops. The road rolled and wound before us with no cars in sight. Although the sky was darkening, it felt transcendent. Transcendent in that I felt as though being allowed to view a painting before the exhibit opened. The bike seemed to glide around Stump Lake....I know we were going close to 140K....I can feel the rhythm of the bike blending with the topography. And, I am dazzled, stupefied, and then amazed that this has moved me so much. The sky seemed so close and yet so magnificent. I am emoting and writing everything in my head to remember later. I need to remind myself how very big this world is....and how unassuming things can still take my breath away. I am glad that I can still be wooed by creation itself. To see the simplicity of the rolling hills juxtapose with the complexity of all that goes into making up this scene.

I am not a skilled physical artist. I cannot recreate the pictures that are locked in my head as we round a corner to a lake that is reflecting the hills behind it. I cannot sort through the hundreds of colours of sage and green in the picture. The cattle that is gently drinking on the other side of the lake could not be drawn, and yet I hope will remain within my memory forever.

The dark clouds eventually broke into rain, and although we were wet and cold, I would not have wanted to miss that moment. I like the idea that there are things yet to be experienced and enjoyed.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Lest I bore you with inconsequential stories of my trips to the store on my bike, I think it suffice to say that we are getting to know each other. We are learning how to read each other, and gaining the confidence I need to conquer fears. Many are reasonable fears...like being scared to turn right uphill, lest I have to stop and somehow dump the bike. Some are unfounded worries, that I will suddenly forget what I am doing in the midst of an intersection.

I have been through this process enough to know that everything takes time and practice. I have taken the bike up the driveway and it was so easy I wondered why I had ever thought it impossible. I don't even think when I take it down the driveway now. By the end of the riding season I am sure that I will regret when the leaves turn and the roads are slick. And so, for now I will content myself with getting familiar with the bike and the road, enjoying the wind and the wind and the occasional nod from a fellow biker.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Again...off on my own because we are in playoff hockey and that means that all the rituals need to be performed before each game. I was a little timid - but hey - I made it up my driveway and out to the open road. It is strange to have no destination in mind so I quickly decide the beach is where I want to be. As I head south I feel more comfortable. I like the groove of the bike....I have to brake for someone who decides to make a u-turn on the bottom of a hill...but I was prepared.

I got my first official wave from a biker this year...and it was a wave with a smile. I liked that. He probably liked that I smiled back too. We are all looking for that recognition. I make it along Marine Drive and the sputtering warns me I am almost out of gas. I am thankful that I brought my wallet this time. Again a first - I have to fill it up by myself. Bravado kicks in quickly with me as I try to figure out that my tank is locked with a different kind of lock.

You can't look cool when you are studying how to put a gas cap back on properly. Why try anyway? So I don't. I continue on my little venture and realize that I might happen upon people who think I am a poser. Oh no...I suddenly realize I would rather be far off on a country road than have anyone staring at me. But I am committed to driving down Marine Drive in full view of those that might care to judge. I run the gauntlet unscathed and continue on my way.

The bike is feeling more comfortable. We are more in sync. I am in tune with the timbre of the motor, reaching its peak before changing gears. I feel relaxed with maneuvering through the roundabouts, thinking of all the new drivers who must be confused. The ride home feels less adventurous. Less appealing in fact. It is, after all, about the destination - the purpose of the trip in the first place.

I am here now hearing in the background that my sweethearts' team is down 4 -1. Now 5-1 in the time it took me to get the words out. Ken will be sad. Sad is the most I will allow. Devastation would be allowed for the year we have had. For all our youngest daughter has had to endure. Devastation would be allowed for a death in the family....Sadness for your team will suffice. Riding season is here....and so the next time I go to the beach, I hope he pays for the gas.......

Friday, May 7, 2010

I was off on my own tonight....I didn't venture far, but was just trying to get a feel for the bike. I really enjoy that I feel confident on it. I even brought it down our driveway tonight....between the cars. Tomorrow Ken and I will go for a ride.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just a little ride

I did get a little ride the other day....I zipped on down the street feeling immediately comfortable. Within moments of being back I was off again testing brakes, mirrors and clutch. It transports me....to be on a bike. I can think of little else than to clutch, shift, check mirrors and signals. I watch for traffic, children, balls and squirrels. I notice more too. I notice when the road is bumpy, or narrows. I notice the signs again as though driving for the first time. I notice when little girls see me and smile too. I like that part....my vanity is in check!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I feel like Ebeneezer when he realizes how much fun it is to give... that is the delight and excitement I had to give Danielle and Mike there wedding present. I was thinking of this earlier and realize that it is so much better to be the giver. Now these dear kids are deserving. Danielle has been there for our family through everything. She has walked through the highs and lows, the health issues, the missing Kimee issues....the missing Jared issues. Danielle has been our constant, and now Mike beside her.

Ken and Jared madly scrambled to paint the tank and side covers. They were quick to remove the old handlebars and make the Yamaha 400 Special cooler. Funny, that didn't happen when I owned the bike, but nonetheless, when it was presented, it looked great. Oh, it has issues I am sure. Mike is taking his motorcycle mechanics course now, so it is perfect. He can tweak it and get it perfected....and yes - they can sell it....if they have a new bike to replace it with. I am all about moving on and up.

So, another biker will be on the road so please remember to watch out for us.