Saturday, April 10, 2010

Still getting oriented

It is here. It is beautiful. Wonderful curves...I love the fender. Of course he has already sent away for a new seat, and is trying to find just the right handlebars. The adoption was successful though we have yet to start it up. It sits where the Guzzi sat. Front and center when you enter the garage. The showpiece. So he now has a new hobby. Parts for a '59 Panhead. Who knew that you had to source these things from all over North America. Some parts are rare. The most expensive parts are old.....50 years old! Some cost more than the whole bike originally.

Ebay is always up now. He almost missed a bid as we were driving home. The alarm was ringing and I was trying to help. I hit "confirm" when I was to wait. I could hear the frustration in his voice. He did not say anything - or even act mad - but I felt terrible. I was trying to help and he might have lost the bid. He couldn't get the site back on his blackberry to make matters worse.

We got home a minute after the close....but he had won. Now he was thrilled I hit confirm. All was right...the Panhead will soon feel like his. He will move on to hunt down the next part......a pogo...(huh??)

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