Thursday, April 29, 2010

Honda CM250 Custom

Yep....that's what I bought! I haven't taken it for a ride yet because the moment it was in the garage a dismantling process began to perfect things.....the chain needs tightening, headlight needs fixing....usual stuff. Now - again - driving home with the sun beaming through the windshield I thought...why don't I have the bike insured yet? It would feel great to have the wind on my face...through my full face helmet it is only a crack so I can stand the slight chill.

Every day I realize how much I really enjoy sickles (according to Norman)....I feel a kinship to both the ratbikes and the fully dressed. Their relatives are all in my could I turn my back on family?

You know you are a biker when... see a beautiful vintage Honda 350 dead on the side of the road and you try to get off the phone to see if you can help the guy. I couldn't end the call quick enough.....I kept watching him try to start and re-start, but just as we were saying goodbye I heard the whirr of the motor.....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So - I have my fingers crossed again. This time for me. I am going to look at a smaller bike. I hear some of you groan, but bear in mind that I am stretching to hit five feet tall and I want to have the confidence to just take off on my own at any time of the day. Not that I don't love riding with Ken. I do. But if I am into this, then it is for me. It has to be that I want to get out without him taking it up the driveway. Perhaps it was all the compassion when the seat fell off that made me realize I am truly on my own....or maybe it was the time I launched a trials bike into a rock face and Ken admitted that he wasn't sure if he should go to me or the bike first. Right then and there I knew that if I was going to do something, it had better be something I can handle. And so it should. If not am I really riding? The mantra I hear is "poser" to many....and that I do not want to be. So when I ride up beside you and my horn goes beep-beep like the sound from a bicycle, at least you will know I got it out and up on my own and proud of it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

It was 21 degrees C today...! Summer weather and no bike on the road. It shocks me that I care....but somehow I do. I already miss the sensation of wind and adrenalin - freedom and fear. Perhaps because riding is a juxtaposition to my life - these emotions are familiar.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Still getting oriented

It is here. It is beautiful. Wonderful curves...I love the fender. Of course he has already sent away for a new seat, and is trying to find just the right handlebars. The adoption was successful though we have yet to start it up. It sits where the Guzzi sat. Front and center when you enter the garage. The showpiece. So he now has a new hobby. Parts for a '59 Panhead. Who knew that you had to source these things from all over North America. Some parts are rare. The most expensive parts are old.....50 years old! Some cost more than the whole bike originally.

Ebay is always up now. He almost missed a bid as we were driving home. The alarm was ringing and I was trying to help. I hit "confirm" when I was to wait. I could hear the frustration in his voice. He did not say anything - or even act mad - but I felt terrible. I was trying to help and he might have lost the bid. He couldn't get the site back on his blackberry to make matters worse.

We got home a minute after the close....but he had won. Now he was thrilled I hit confirm. All was right...the Panhead will soon feel like his. He will move on to hunt down the next part......a pogo...(huh??)