Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Ken's favourite thing to do is plan a ride....or should I say rides. I am sure he has already mapped out the summer with potential day trips, weekend trips and longer ones. He tries to excite me by showing me routes that are barely visible. He gets so excited about the twists in the roads and the places it will take us. I nod and smile, not thinking too far ahead. He is the dreamer...I am the realist. I desperately want to go with him. I have loved these past few summers....but right now, I am scared as our daughter has had some complications from her brain surgery in October. She cannot be left alone as she has been having seizures. My days since October have been consumed with medical jargon, anxiety, playing games and recording her conditions. But, getting my license could not have come at a better time, for in those dark moments of uncertainty and despair I had a place to remember...riding in the sunshine, concentrating on the road and my surroundings. I remember the wind in my face, at times freezing me, but mostly invigorating. I will be riding shortly.......

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