Tuesday, October 27, 2009

stress relief

It is a beautiful, crisp and sunny day and all I could think about was how I really wanted to ride. When I ride I can only think about riding and my surroundings. I can ignore the fears that are creeping up inside me when I think about my little girl. I ignore the neurosurgeons, the MRI's. I need the distraction. And distraction it was! My fingers almost fell off from freezing. My face shield and glasses fogged up so I could barely see. My legs started shivering as though a separate entity. It was great! It was freeing! So thank you to my sweetheart that quickly fixed my throttle cable when I told him all I wanted was a ride. I needed to remember how it felt and take that with me to the hospital tomorrow. Perhaps the cold burned into my brain so I will think of this when the neurosurgeon talks to me.....

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