Tuesday, October 27, 2009

stress relief

It is a beautiful, crisp and sunny day and all I could think about was how I really wanted to ride. When I ride I can only think about riding and my surroundings. I can ignore the fears that are creeping up inside me when I think about my little girl. I ignore the neurosurgeons, the MRI's. I need the distraction. And distraction it was! My fingers almost fell off from freezing. My face shield and glasses fogged up so I could barely see. My legs started shivering as though a separate entity. It was great! It was freeing! So thank you to my sweetheart that quickly fixed my throttle cable when I told him all I wanted was a ride. I needed to remember how it felt and take that with me to the hospital tomorrow. Perhaps the cold burned into my brain so I will think of this when the neurosurgeon talks to me.....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

taking advantage of the sunshine....

Anxious to get out again I convinced Ken to come for a ride. I needed gas so he is always handy with the paying and the filling....but alas, Ken takes off leaving a blue trail behind him (the Yamaha RD) and I crank the throttle and crawl for 100 feet....I had the wherewithall to put my blinker on and crawl up the hill. My throttle cable had snapped. So the rest of the ride was uneventful, save for the doubling on the two-stroke. My feet were abuzz and it felt kind of old school to be so loud on such a small bike...two up!! I was listening for the gearing. Ken tells me it takes a bit to get used to revving it so high. Looks like I am out of commission for a bit. We have a cable on order and hopefully will get it fixed before the rainy season hits Vancouver. Did I mention that I am looking for a Honda Rebel or Suzuki Mirauder? I have decided that being on the small side I like the idea of being able to handle the bike at all times. If you have one for sale let me know by leaving a comment....until the next ride....

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Now Really Solo Riding

Okay, Sunday, October 4th - the sun is shining and it isn't cold. Not like on the Duffy Lake Road yesterday. Ken left for band practice and I was itching....and I mean itching to ride again. I had ridden a little in the early morning...when it was cold. But now it was warm and my bike was there. Hmmm. Fear almost stopped me. It tried to. I had never taken the bike up the driveway before. A few of you know our driveway and might understand my trepidation. Courage took over and I was up and out before you know it. And this really was my first ride without someone else with me. I took off down Scott Road and next I was on No. 10 Hwy and heading to Ladner. It felt great. The sun was warm and I felt confident but not cocky. I still have to think when something unusual happens. It isn't second nature to remember what gear I am in but the more I ride the more it is coming to me. I take Hwy 17 and head to River Road. Riding along I wondered why I hadn't got my license earlier. What took me so long! And then I remembered that I had been pregnant for decades (well, it seemed that way)...and then caring for my four babies....and then....oh right, when would I have had the time? I never realized the freedom that I would feel though. Just doing it by myself. I headed home somewhat reluctantly and then got there and asked myself what I had to get home for. I had only been gone two hours....and so I indulged myself and left again, this time retracing our early morning route. I had really enjoyed it but wanted to have the feeling of not having to think when I rode it. Down 125A a windy hill to farmlands and Colebrook Road. A great flat rode with a few jogs, a few train tracks and the sun at my back. It was great. At the end of it I turned around and went back the same route..this time sweeping up the hill. It felt great. Okay...If you know me you will understand that then I decided to do it again but lest I run into the same people still walking their dogs wondering if I was waiting for a drug drop or something, I ventured up to No. 10 Hwy and came off King George to enter. Back along the road...sun in my face but not yet too annoying on the eyes and up the hill again. It felt great....even though I had to slow down for a car making a u-turn. I was in control and knew what to do. So I headed home, glad for the adventure and that much more confident for the next ride. Darn....it is October and I am just beginning to have a lot of fun at this. Until next ride......

Duffy Lake in October!


That's us.....diehards! It was freezing - snow at the side of the road and a little coming down. Stopping to take pictures was no relief. But.....it was beautiful, quiet and, other than the last 30 minutes into Lilloet, repaved. That was glorious!

I have to say it looks different in October from May though. The leaves are turning, the sky is ominous and wet spots could be ice. The curves were dry and there was barely another car to impede us. This time we had no inkling to stop and picnic ...we just wanted to get to the Reynolds Hotel for breakfast and hot drinks.

One of the highlights of this trip was meeting a sweet couple from South Florida who were returning home after biking to Alaska to fish. (pictured with teh silver BMW & trailer) They were motorcycle enthusiasts and just seemed like what I want to be doing in 20 years. They had retired and decided to ride up for fishing this year instead of flying. They left Florida on July 8th and were a long way from home still. Their stories of repairs and Canadian hospitality were fun to listen to. We swapped emails so perhaps we will meet again.