Sunday, August 9, 2009

riding solo


My first solo ride is with Ken and not my instructor. There was a problem with some of the others in class - they didn't pass their skills test - so riding day has been delayed. Bummed out was the impetus to buying a Yamaha 400 Special today. It is a lot heavier than the Rebel I have been riding on in the parking lot. I had a lot of confidence until Ken asked me to jump the curb and then I dumped the bike. I am still getting used to how hard the clutch is!! Then bravely I took off again - destined for traffic. At the corner of Kitson Parkway and Lyon Road I baled again....well technically I am not sure what happened. The seat came off the bike - I was gripping the tank so tight!! - and down I went. No injury to me or the bike - but confidence wanes at times like these. We then ventured to the farmlands with a bungy cord holding the seat....A 20 minute ride and I was exhausted mentally and physically. I was trying to remember to "look where you go" "cancel those signals" "clutch in - brake on - clutch down...." I didn't know what gear I was in half the time as Ken's bike is so loud beside me that I couldn't even hear my engine. I was grateful he was there when I baled - and when I needed him to get it out of a sticky I will not worry too much about what gear I am. At least I know I will find first if I keep going down!! Thanks to Andii at Action Riding School. He certainly echoes in my brain....."KEEP YOUR KNEES TO THE TANK....EYES UP!!!"

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