Wednesday, August 19, 2009

more rides - favourites

Ken has been encouraging me to write about our other trips this summer. We started with the Duffy Lake Road from Lilloet in May. ( I hear it is now repaved!!! - let's go!!) We also rode through Washington State with our good friends. Then we went to Winthrop, Leavenworth and a smattering of little towns. The next trip was to Ocean Shores and up the west coast of Washington State - to the furthest place north west of continental USA, up to Port Townsend and home. We experienced thunder storms but I never got wet. The last trip was the island that I blathered on

Instead.....I suggest that we redo the trips so that we can really document the roads, the curves and the towns. I think he will agree....

For me my favourite place to ride as a passenger is in the Cascades in Washington State. My favourite road all time is between Kettle Creek and the border by Trail, BC. If you have ridden that road in the last year - you know exactly what I mean. Perfect pavement, no cars, miles of curves.

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